The Right LickiMat for a Shiba Inu.

Finding a well balanced meal for your Shiba Inu on the LickiMat Slomo

Shiba Inus are one of the most free spirited dog breeds there is, and at times they can be a handful for their owners to deal with. A dog with that much personality deserves a meal that reflects their rich heritage. Originating from the mountainous regions of Japan, Shiba Inu diets consisted of a variety of types, raw fowl and fish, vegetables and rice. Although our modern day Shibas have evolved through time, it is important to feed them a meal that reflects their original diet, in conjunction with modern day dog foods.

The LickiMat Slomo is a great way of combining different types of foods that would otherwise be kept separate, giving owners the chance to experiment with different combinations of foods. With deep pockets to hold wet food or kibble, and soft smooth bumps ideal for spreads, pastes and raw meat, there are so many fun and nutritious combinations your Shiba Inu will love to lick

The classic benefits don’t stop there though, the plate design allows your Shiba Inu to approach their meal from all sorts of angles as they would in the wild, as opposed to leaning over the wall of a traditional bowl. Your Shiba can even lie down and enjoy their meal or treat in a relaxed position!

Shiba Inu stares up at creatively presented purple LickiMat Slomo Image Credits