We build sustainable products for pets. Sustainability is at the heart of our design thinking and the lifecycle of our products.  We cover every step in the lifecycle from choice of materials to reducing waste in manufacturing to reducing waste in shipping to re-using packaging material to recycling.   We also go out of our way to minimise our personal footprints in work and life.


Materials: we use rubber for all licking surfaces.  Rubber is non-toxic and softer on the pet's tongue.  All manufacturing off-cuts and rejects are re-used without creating waste.  The same is not the case for most other materials. 

Packaging: we use durable cardboard designed for use in re-shipment without the need for new shipping cardboard.  Our factory cardboard is used 2.4 times on average. 

Labels: we use paper and cardboard for our packaging.  The ink on the packaging is compost-friendly.  We will only ever use (recyclable) plastic poly bags when there are regulatory requirements to do so. 

Recyclable: LickiMat products are made from recyclable natural plant-based rubber and recyclable TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) that are human grade food-safe products.  In three products (the Tuff series, Slomo and Keeper) we use recyclable Polypropylene to strengthen the products to make them chew resistant.

Environmental Safety: we never use BPA, PVC or Phthalates in our products; we also never use Silicone, which is terrifyingly bad for the environment.  Our products comply with California Proposition 65 testing.


Zero-net cardboard warehouse:  we also use domestic shipping cardboard and other packaging materials, and do not buy cardboard except for recycled cardboard and recyclable cardboard, and we designed our packaging cardboard to be proudly re-used in our shipping.

LickiMat® - The modern feeding family

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