Can a Cat use a LickiMat?

LickiMat Felix and Casper, the purrfect slow feeder for your cat

Every cat owner loves treating their cat to a nice meal or healthy treat from time to time, but often the meal doesn’t last long and leaves your cat looking for more. If only there was a way to make dinner time a more fulfilling experience for your cat.

Look no further than the LickiMat Felix and Casper, your Cat's new best friend. No mess feeders that your cat will love to eat off. Both Casper and Felix are made up of a variety of different textures, making them perfect for all sorts of cat food and treats. Wet dry and raw foods are all great on a LickiMat.

Spreading food across the surface of the lickimat means your cat will work just a little bit harder to get every last morsel, making it much more of a rewarding experience.

Another advantage the LickiMat has over a traditional cat bowl is its wall-less design. This allows for your cat to crouch low and enjoy their meal in a comfortable position. The lack of walls also lets your cat eat without whiskers rubbing up against the side of the bowl, this is known as whisker stress.

Orange Cat Eats off a Purple LickiMat Felix
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