Keep your Poodle entertained for longer with an X Large LickiMat

Poodles are one of the smartest dog breeds there is. However Poodle owners know the hard work involved in keeping a clever canine, you have to find ways to keep their mind active and stimulated, and sometimes a long walk is not quite enough.

The LickiMat X Large range has been developed by vets to keep your dog Licking for longer. With its extra large surface area, this LickiMat has plenty of room for all your poodles' favourite foods. The wall-less design means that your poople can get comfortable lying down while they enjoy their delicious treat.

Licking a LickiMat will keep your Poodle happy and stimulated as they can focus on all the food in front of them. Spreading food such as peanut butter or yogurt deep into the bumps and grooves of the LickiMat will help a little bit of food go a long way. Not only will the licking action keep your poodle stimulated, but it also promotes good oral health as the bumps will gently rub against the back of your dog's tongue.

Poodle eats off an Orange LickiMat X Large Buddy
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