Keep your Maltese happy with a LickiMat Classic

Should Maltese dogs use a LickiMat?

As the owner of a Maltese you know the importance of finding the right meal time balance for your dog. Bowls can seem too big, and the portions often seem too small with the dog gulping the food in a hurry.

Fortunately LickiMat has been developed by Vets to make dinner time worries a thing of the past. Its low plate design means your Maltese no longer has to lean over the wall of the bowl to get to their food.

The LickiMat’s unique designs will make mealtime a rewarding challenge as your Maltese will have to take longer to clean up every last scrap. The licking experience at the end of the meal will clean your dog’s tongue, improving Oral Hygiene too.

LickiMat Classics are Microwave and Freezer safe, in order to give your dog a warm or cold meal or treat.

When testing new foods for your Maltese it is important to check with your vet first and feed any new food in small quantities.

Make dinner time a treat with a LickiMat!

LickiMat Classic feeds two Maltese dogs