The Felix

The best feeder for your favourite feline

LickiMat’s Felix Feeder has been carefully designed to be the purrfect feeder for your housecat, allowing them to enjoy their meals without unnecessary stress on their spine, whiskers and tongue.

The flat, low-level plate design of Felix allows your cat to lick and eat in a comfortable crouching position, rather than hovering over a raised bowl. This natural feeding position eases neck and spine discomfort and can be ideal for older or more frail felines with aches and pains.

The plate design serves the additional benefit of reducing whisker stress for your feline friend; with no walls or raised rims, your cat’s delicate whiskers will not press against anything while they snack, reducing constriction and allowing for greater freedom of movement while they sniff out their favourite tasty morsels.

Slow feeding bumps located on the Head-end of the LickiMat soothe your cat’s tongue as it licks while the deeper grooves within the fish-shaped mat allow for a variety of textures and flavours to be incorporated. Let your culinary creativity shine through! LickiMat Felix owners can experiment with raw meats, wet food and dry pellets all in one convenient feeder.

Meals can be easily prepared in advance - the LickiMat Felix is both microwave and freezer safe. Once your furry friend has had their fill, the mats are very easy to clean and rinse. If your cat is still hungry after a meal (which most cat owners will understand!), you can easily portion out tasty treats to keep them satisfied for longer with our slow-feeder styled grooves.

Cat and Kitten share food on a green LickiMat FelixImage Credits